New Dates Announced

I’ve got more shows coming up with The Tektoniks, The Urbanites, Tristan Royalty Squad, and De La Buena. Also, I’ll be performing at St. John’s College in Santa Fe on May 15, 2010.

Distant Dream

The NPR Monitormix blog had a fun challenge for musicians last weekend – to record a song and submit it by their deadline on Sunday night. I felt inspired, and although I had a terrible cold, I managed to finish my song and submit it in time. However, their mailbox was over its limit, and my emails kept bouncing back. Nevertheless, I managed to submit it the following morning, after they realized what had happened.

Here is my submission:

They will post 30 submissions per day in alphabetical order (by first name). I’ll update this post when mine gets posted on their blog.

UPDATE: The song is now featured on the NPR Monitormix blog as part of a collection of songs that got submitted. Check it out here:

UPDATE 2: The version of this song featured on this site now has updated vocals. The only way to hear the original version in its unedited glory is to listen to it on the NPR Blog, using the link above.

Radio Show on WRZC 92.3 FM in Red Cliff, WI

I had the great fortune of being at the right place at the right time when I was invited to interview and perform on WRZC-LP (92.3 FM) in Red Cliff, Wisconsin. I was camping on the shores of Lake Superior, working on a song, when Gene, the campground manager, overheard me and told me he would talk to his friends at the radio station about playing there. The next day, we headed into town, and I experienced a warm welcome by Chris Otani and Spencer, who not only run an excellent world music radio show out of Red Cliff, but are excellent musicians in their own right.